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Training is the key to successful implementation of any new software application.

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A user will initially show resistance to a new system in the absence of effective training. Training is to be delivered at various levels based on the user groups.

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Agaram Technologies delivers training on all the products and at the following levels.

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Target Audience Implementation IT Team

Implementation IT team is trained on application architecture and installation methodology. This is to ensure the application is maintained without any failure and smooth restoration is conducted in any case of disaster recovery.

  • Software application architecture
  • Prerequisite and supporting structure
  • Database backup and recovery practices
  • Installation and Qualification
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Power Users

Power users are trained on the entire application and are selected from the functional background.

  • Application overview and functional workflows
  • Managing record lifecycle and status monitoring
  • Application usage on all modules
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Administrator Users

Administrator users are trained on the entire application with emphasis on preparing metadata and supporting power users in adding master records.