Ensure Safe and Consistent Quality of Food & Beverages!

The Dairy, Food & Beverage industry is propelled by quality and optimised production prerequisites, while simultaneously being regulated by food and drug authorities in developed countries. Given the human and animal consumption involved, these industries follow a stringent testing regimen.

Inaccurate testing or delays in results can have serious consequences, such as product recalls, legal liability, and damage to brand reputation. The complexity of testing processes and the need to adhere to strict regulations can make it challenging for food and beverage labs to stay up-to-date and ensure optimal safety and quality.

With advanced capabilities for sample tracking, testing workflows, and data management, our software helps labs optimize their operations and stay ahead of regulatory requirements. By using our software, food and beverage labs can safeguard their products and consumers.

Perform Quality Testing on Food Samples

  • Integrate LIMS with SAP & ERP systems - obtain current work orders, & specifications of what tests need to be performed for each order.
  • Perform Quality Control checks on raw materials, in-process materials, & finished goods.
  • Grade and segregate samples based on quality parameters.

Automated Batch Testing

  • Batch sample planning & testing. Automate approval of test results within pre-defined parameters.
  • Interface lab instruments to automate data capture from them in real-time
  • Generate COA Reports based analysis of samples

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