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Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry, known for its complex operations and data-intensive processes, continually seeks to optimize efficiency and ensure compliance. Qualis LIMS helps to manage the whole process from extraction to final product as a single solution for the Oil and Gas Industry.

The oil and gas industry is heavily regulated, and Qualis LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) helps ensure compliance with industry standards such as ISO 17025. Automates quality control processes, maintains a secure audit trail, and facilitates the generation of compliance reports, making regulatory inspections more straightforward.

Enhance Sample Management

  • Dynamic sample registration: Extracted material samples can be registered with dynamic templates based on material type & sent to the lab for analysis.
  • Manage in-process Testing: Track the processes in the refinery and manage the in-process samples ensuring product quality is maintained.
  • Flexible Reporting: Produce reports in dynamic formats for both internal and external customers. Transfer results to external systems such as Process Information Management Systems (PIMS) or ERP systems.

Instrument Integration, Maintenance, and Compliance Assurance

  • Keep Track of Instrument Maintenance and Calibration: Ensure that only correctly maintained and calibrated instruments are used for the analysis and that the work is carried out by qualified staff.
  • Instrument Interfacing: Lab instruments such as gas chromatographs can be interfaced to Qualis LIMS using Logilab SDMS for direct transfer of results, saving time and reducing errors.


Lab Management Software such as Qualis LIMS can play a critical role in managing complex sample data within the oil & gas industry. Qualis LIMS tracks samples from collection to analysis, ensuring accurate data management which is essential for reliable reservoir assessments and decision-making.

Yes, Logilab SDMS is capable of handling large volumes of instrument data. This system is designed to efficiently manage extensive datasets generated from experiments. Its robust data capture, search, and retrieval capabilities make it well-suited for the data-intensive nature of oil and gas exploration and production processes. By effectively handling large data, Logilab SDMS contributes to improved data management, analysis, and decision-making in the industry.

Qualis LIMS is instrumental in ensuring compliance with industry-specific regulations such as the 21 CFR Part 11 for the oil & gas industry. Benefits include streamlined regulatory audits, enhanced data security, and improved operational efficiency.

Qualis LIMS offers seamless integration capabilities with various software systems commonly used in the oil & gas industry. This feature enhances data accuracy and streamlines workflows, leading to improved efficiency and decision-making processes.

Logilab SDMS is designed to efficiently manage maintenance and calibration records for laboratory instruments. This functionality is crucial in the oil & gas industry for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of test results, which are critical for quality control.

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