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Real-time Instrument Data Capture, Catalogue & Archival

Logilab SDMS has automated capabilities to capture data generated by any type of instrument, with minimal intervention required by users.

lab data

Capture raw data & metadata from a diverse range of instruments in real-time , maximizing accuracy.

scientific instrument

Access, manage, and analyze all your data from one central platform, compliant with global standards like 21 CFR Part 11.

sdms data

Our advanced parsing engine effortlessly extracts vital data from Instrument Data

lab data
scientific instrument
sdms data

Integrate with ANY type of Instrument,
No Limits


Capture and upload data from PC based instruments without restrictions on File Format or Size.


Integrate with standalone instruments using RS232/TCPIP protocols based connectivity.

Clinical Diagnostic

Directly connect to Clinical diagnostic and analytical Instruments using Interfacer Middleware

Designed for Enterprise Scale Scientific Data Management

Logilab SDMS, is designed to scale up and handle large volumes of data & has capabilities to capture data from thousands of instruments parallelly.

Instantaneous Data Capture

Automated data capture from diverse instruments in real-time, minimizing manual tasks and maximizing accuracy.

Cutting-edge Data Extraction

Our advanced parsing engine effortlessly extracts data of interest from Instrument Data Files, streamlining operations.

Highly Data Availability

Store your instrument's raw data and metadata in a secure FTP or Cloud server. Exchange data of interest with external systems such as LIMS,ELN, and more.

sdms software

Make your data Findable, Available, Interoperable & Reusable

Discover the power of Logilab SDMS

Data Scheduler for Fully automated, Error-free data handling

Logilab SDMS features a powerful Data Scheduler which can perform Fully automated & error-free capture of Instrument data without human intervention.

  • Capture data in real time or set up time-based scheduling in regular intervals.
  • Store Instrument data and metadata in a secure FTP or Cloud server
  • Monitor and track uploads and schedules in real-time.
medical device database
lab data

Data explorer for easy Navigation, Search & Management

Logilab SDMS features a full-fledged data explorer for organizing and viewing your scientific data

  • Replicate the original folder structure of your local data within the file server for easy data organization.
  • Comprehensive search and filters based on key parameters, tags and more.
  • Complete Version control of all uploaded Files.
  • View file details and content in a human-readable format.

Data Tagging for comprehensive organization & categorization

  • Tag data to index and catalog files within the system.
  • Tag Instrument data by its metadata such as Batch number, project, sample, etc for logical segregation.
  • Pre and Post tagging facilities provide full flexibility
  • Quickly search through your instrument data based on tags

Extract key data points with our Advanced Parser

Logilab SDMS parsing engine automatically extracts data of interest from Instrument Data Files.

  • Easy-to-use interface for setting up data parsing logic
  • Extract key parameters from large volumes of instrument data
  • Send the extracted data to Qualis LIMS, Logilab ELN, or other external systems for data analytics.
  • Automate data processing and reduce human errors.

Access Control & Traceability of Data for Regulatory Compliance

  • Role and rights-based access to data within the system.
  • Ability to use workflow to review and approve with electronic signature for better compliance
  • Audit trail and logging systems for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Make Non-Compliant Instruments Compliant with CFR Gateway

CFR Gateway has been designed to provide 100% data integrity and compliance for instrument software applications and standard desktop applications such as Microsoft Office.

Upon Operating System boot,the CFR gateway acts as a secure portal through which controlled access to system functions and applications can be enabled for authorized users.

Any data created or modified by the user is fully tracked and sent to a central repository automatically.

This enables instruments that do not have compliance-related features, comply with CFR part 11 and Data integrity guidelines.

Logilab SDMS is the #1 Choice of Industry Leaders

Championed by top-tier Pharma and Life Sciences entities, Logilab SDMS isn't just a tool—it's a transformative experience in data management. From capture to analytics, we have redefined scientific data management for customers across the globe


Customer Success Stories

Learn how Logilab SDMS helped Moderna Therapeutics achieve Data Integrity, Compliance and automation across their Manufacturing plant QC and research Labs.

moderna covid vaccine
How Logilab SDMS helped a COVID vaccine manufacturer achieve Data Integrity, Compliance & Automation

A leading Biopharmaceuticals organization that is an early innovator of the COVID-19 vaccine wanted to achieve an automated process for achieving data integrity and compliance...

scientific lab equipment

Dive Deeper into Logilab SDMS

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