Enterprise Class Document Management & Tracking

Qualis DMS is built to address the growing need or compliant document management in regulated environments.

Centralized Document Access

Qualis DMS serves as a single source of truth for document storage, access and control, enabling users to securely store and keep track of electronic documents within the system.

It enables organized, efficient document sharing and collaboration across your local or global enterprise, while ensuring automated version control & approval process for the document throughout its lifecycle.

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Collaborative Platform for parallel content creation

Qualis DMS has a built-in workflow engine which can be configured to meet complex workflows based on different document categories

Work on documents with multiple people within the organisation parallelly for collaborative content creation.

Reconcile and merge content from multiple collaborators into a single document for review and approval using sequential workflows.

Document Management System

Maintain a contemporaneous record of your data

Qualis DMS Electronic Audit Trail provides a simple solution to understand the complete history of each document. Authorized users can view all details related to the ongoing activity history of a file, including what action was taken, by whom, and the date and time the action occurred.

  • Maintain a complete record of every action that takes place to a file throughout its lifecycle.
  • Streamline regulatory compliance with industry quality standards and regulations.
  • Protect your organization in legal situations with a proven record of the actions executed on a given document.
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Ensure access to the latest version of documents

Qualis DMS serves as your central point for document access and automatically ensures users always access the latest version of documents. Qualis DMS also saves previous versions and maintains the historical metadata so you can access a snapshot in time as well as the complete document history.

  • Ensure all users always have access to the latest version of every document
  • Automatically save as many previous versions of your files and associated metadata as you choose
  • Ensure an audit trail for each document is maintained throughout its lifecycle
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Designed with regulated labs in mind.

Workflow management

Set role-based privileges to users for reviewing & approving documents, with support for e-signatures. Create different kinds of workflows such as serial & parallel hybrid workflows, for each document type.

Version control

Automatically version changes made to documents, enabling traceability throughout the document lifecycle. Comprehensive audit trails help you identify what changes were made and when and by whom.

Controlled access and quick search

Create user roles & provide role based privileges to view & edit documents. Powerful search capabilities enable you to instantly retrieve documents you are looking for.

Typical Document Workflow in
Qualis DMS

laboratory information system workflow

Discover how Qualis DMS makes your document management compliant

Implement best practices for document control & management in your organization

Qualis DMS ensures that all documents are up-to-date, accurate, and easily accessible to authorized personnel. This results in improved compliance, reduced risk, and increased efficiency in document management processes.

  • Version and Release control
  • Workflow management for document approval
  • Role-based document access
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21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Secure your digital assets, & improve regulatory compliance

Qualis DMS offers robust security features ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive data. Organisations can safeguard their digital assets, achieve regulatory compliance, and mitigate risks associated with non-compliance.

  • Configurable password policy for user authentication
  • Date and time-stamped audit trails
  • Electronic records protection & E-signature support - 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

Automate Form Filling, Issuance and Printing

Achieve contemporaneous recording of information and control over the usage of the paper-based system while adhering to cGMP data integrity guidelines from the US FDA and MHRA.

  • Autofill header information such as product name, batch number, lot number, issuance date and time, etc electronically before issuance.
  • Create a single source of truth available electronically and automatically and maintain the integrity of the document.
  • Control the number of copies of the document that are allowed to be printed.
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Quick Releasing & Printing for controlled distribution

Qualis DMS enables quick release and printing of documents to hard copies.

  • Print or publish any selection of documents on-demand
  • Publish to Qualis DMS Library or a network folder for collaboration
  • Ensure your output is generated from the correct file version
  • Setup controlled access & approvals for printing and reprinting activities

Benefits of switching to Qualis DMS

Paperless system

The high degree of standardization-is due to the ability to access from any modern web-browser. Reduce dependency on paper-based systems & physical storage.

Low compliance cost

Reduced cost of compliance due to controlled role-based user access, audit trail and easy document tracking & retrieval.

Error-free data handling

Improved reliability & error-free document handling due to automation and workflow-enabled operations.

Improved collaboration

Improved collaboration due to the central storage of documents acting as single source of truth.

Adopted by Leading Pharma and Life Sciences Organisations.

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