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Product Implementation Methodology

At our company, we adhere to a standardized implementation methodology for all our solutions. As part of this approach, we incorporate the Customer User Requirement Specification (URS), Validation (Installation Qualification/Operation Qualification), and Traceability Matrix into our out-of-the-box implementation process. While our products typically require minimal customization, we do accommodate rare use cases that necessitate tailored solutions.

Implementing LIMS, SDMS, ELN, and DMS projects requires meticulous management. To ensure a successful implementation, we configure our applications based on thorough process studies and a comprehensive understanding of your requirements. Our goal is to deliver a solution that precisely aligns with your unique processes.

Over the years, we have fostered close relationships with our customers, collaborating closely and achieving numerous successful implementations. This extensive experience has enabled us to define a robust Implementation Methodology that ensures both effective implementation and customer satisfaction.

Out-of-Box vs Custom Implementation.

In the Out-of-Box implementation, the requirements are matched with the standard solution. With a change management approach, we minimize deviations in the process by reducing the impact of change.

In a custom implementation, the process requirements are compared against the Out-of-Box solution and gaps are identified. The gaps are then reviewed and necessary software changes are designed, developed, tested and implemented.

Out-of-the-box Implementation Phases

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    Design, Development & Testing

    During the Initiation phase, we lay the foundation for a successful project by setting clear goals, defining the scope, and establishing the groundwork for subsequent stages. It involves the following:

    • Project kick-off
    • Systematically collect requirements.
    • Prepare User Requirement Specification (URS) and Functional Requirement Specification (FRS) documents.
    • Map requirements to our solution.
    • Obtain URS & FRS sign-off to finalize project scope.
    • Update the project plan accordingly.
    • Deliverables: Comprehensive FRS Document outlining functional requirements, updated Project Plan reflecting a refined understanding of requirements.
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    Project Initiation

    In the Design, Development and testing phase, we implement and test the solution to ensure its successful deployment.

    • System design
    • Design qualification (DQ)
    • Configuration/customization and unit testing
    • Integration and system testing
    • Ongoing review and corrections
    • Legacy data migration
    • Reports development
    • Comprehensive project documentation
    • Deliverables: Design document outlining the system design, test plan with test results report, ensuring thorough testing and validation.
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    IQ/OQ Validation

    In the Installation, Configuration and validation phase, we systematically prepare the software for testing and validation, ensuring its readiness for User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

    • Software installation on the test server
    • Installation Qualification (IQ)
    • Administrator and Power User Training
    • Master data creation
    • Operational Qualification (OQ)
    • Deliverables: Working version of the software for User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
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    User Acceptance Testing

    During the User Validation (UAT) phase, we ensure the software meets the end-users' requirements through comprehensive testing, training, and performance evaluation.

    • Conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
    • Perform a final review and corrections.
    • Provide End User Training
    • Update project documents
    • Incorporate master data.
    • Conduct Performance Qualification (PQ)
    • Deliverables: Validation Documentation and the final version of the software.
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    Go-Live and Support

    During the Go-Live & Support Phase we:

    • Review risks and prepare for Go-Live
    • Officially launch the system
    • Provide hand-holding support.
    • Ongoing support beyond handholding training and the go-Live stage.
    • Deliverables: Comprehensive user manuals for administrators and users.

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