Configurable middleware solution
for integrating Clinical IVD devices

Interfacer’s driverless approach to instrument integration makes it easy to connect it
with any new & old devices that may not have readymade drivers.

Device Parsing

Interfacer middleware can be configured to parse & extract data, by communicating with clinical & IVD devices.

Instrument Communication

Capable of uni & bi-directional communication with clinical instruments.

Test Extraction

Powerful parsing engine to extract results of tests from IVD devices

Open Protocol communication

Configurable communication protocol opens up the possibility of integrating any instrument into the market with considerably reduced time & cost.

Driverless communication

Several niche instruments that are not supported by drivers can be interfaced by one-time configuration.

Complete integration

Connect seamlessly with instruments and external databases.

Discover the power of Interfacer Middleware

User-friendly test mapping tool

Equipped with an easy-to-use test mapping tool, which simplifies the test mapping process for the end user.

  • Useful data from LIMS can be mapped to instrument-specific test parameters.
  • Intelligent middleware connecting your LIMS & Instruments.
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Powerful Parsing Engine

Robust & reliable parsing engine to extract information of interest from IVD device output.

  • Easy to use Parser tool & setup.
  • Extract relevant data from instrument output files.

Integrate with LIS, LIMS & MES solutions

  • Interfacer was designed to integrate with external systems like LIS, LIMS, SDMS & MES.
  • Capable of file-based & database level integration
  • Capable of HL7-based integration
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Serving a wide range of laboratories

The Preferred solution for interfacing clinical instruments in a variety of healthcare,
diagnostic & research laboratory settings such as

Clinical diagnostic labs


Referral labs

Clinical Research Organisations

Adopted by Leading Pharma and Life Sciences Organisations.

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