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Discover the power of CFR Gateway

Transform & empower your non-compliant systems & instruments into compliant powerhouses

Make your non-compliant systems & instruments compliant.

Enable Authorised Access for Applications and Data

CFR Gateway has a role-based authorization system that lets you grant access to users, such that:

  • Only authorized applications are viewable.
  • Your sensitive information is secured.

Unleash your lab’s data integrity & compliance potential

Once launched during startup, CFR Gateway constantly monitors & maintains comprehensive date & time-stamped audit trails for:

  • User Login & Logoff
  • Modifications & Changes Made

Safeguard your lab data & information

CFR Gateway protects & transfers your lab data to a secure server for uncompromised protection.

  • All data is versioned in the event of modifications made.
  • No access to files on the local PC, users can only download files from server.

CFR Gateway fortifies compliance, and protects the integrity of your system.

Achieve impeccable data integrity and compliance with CFR Gateway. Safeguarding your data from inception to storage, ensures 100% integrity across instrument software and standard desktop applications. Users authenticate through the gateway at system startup, granting authorized access to applications. Every action is meticulously tracked, creating a comprehensive audit trail automatically stored in a secure server repository.

Adopted by Leading Pharma and Life Sciences Organisations.

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