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Process Manufacturing: Navigating the Complexities of Day-to-Day Operations

The manufacturing industry operates in a dynamic environment with evolving demands, stringent regulations, and the need for heightened efficiency. There is a heavy need for proper production control to ensure that the products they manufacture are of the highest quality.

To thrive in this landscape, companies must adopt advanced solutions that facilitate the constant monitoring of raw materials and final products and ensure compliance. Qualis LIMS, Logilab ELN, and Logilab SDMS stand out as indispensable tools in meeting these challenges.

Qualis LIMS in Manufacturing

Perform Quality testing: Qualis LIMS enables quality control tests on batch/continuous manufacturing samples as & when received by the labs based on various analytical techniques.

Template based dynamic sample registration gives total control over sample management (Raw-materials, in-process, environmental, finished products)

Streamlined Operations and Data Insights: Create Configurable Workflows for review and approval of test results. Results approved and released can also be accessed with ease by the process and people to make informed decisions.

Qualis LIMS in Manufacturing

Qualis LIMS features advanced multi-layer specification management with version & release control for various tests and techniques.

Built-in capabilities for Equipment & Instrument Management with Calibration due dates tracking and scheduling.

Enhanced Integration Capabilities: Qualis LIMS supports real-time collaboration, integrates with enterprise systems such as ERP, MES etc. and offers mobile accessibility for improved communication and remote process management.

Revolutionizing Data Management in Labs

SOP Data Capture and Management: Labsheets in Logilab ELN enable the recording and execution of various SOPs for analytical techniques, QC testing and more.

Logilab ELN enables data capture from various analytical instruments using our advanced parsing engine. Parsed data can be extracted and used across various tests.


Qualis LIMS is essential for streamlining quality control processes in manufacturing. It manages batch records, tracks quality tests, and ensures products meet established specifications. The system can flag deviations, enabling prompt corrective actions. This tightens quality control, reduces the risk of product recalls, and ensures compliance with industry standards.

Yes, Logilab ELN is highly effective for documenting and managing manufacturing process development. It allows engineers and scientists to digitally capture experimental designs, process parameters, and test results. This facilitates easy access to process development histories, promotes iterative improvements, and accelerates the transition from R&D to full-scale production.

Logilab ELN can integrate with various manufacturing systems, such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), and process control systems using REST APIs. This integration ensures a seamless flow of data across different stages of manufacturing, enhancing efficiency and reducing the risk of data silos and inconsistencies.

Logilab ELN is an excellent tool for fostering collaboration between R&D and manufacturing teams. It allows for the recording and sharing of experimental data, process optimizations, and test results in real-time. This collaboration is critical for scaling up processes from the laboratory to the production line, ensuring that R&D insights are effectively translated into manufacturing improvements.

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