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#1 SDMS Software for Instrument Integration & Data Management

Capture , Catalogue and Export data from any analytical instrument with ALCOA and CFR Part 11 compliance .

What is Logilab SDMS?

Logilab SDMS Software is a mature and proven Scientific Data Management System designed to capture data from any analytical irrespective of type, make or manufacturer.

It has been designed mainly to

  • Capture, Catalog and Archive instrument raw data and files
  • Metadata along with a human readable data
  • Tag data in a manner such that data can be indexed into catalogues and archived for
    long term purposes

In today’s laboratory environment , not all instruments have 21 CFR Part 11 features . Standalone instruments are an island, and data generated by such instruments is stored as paper records and or as electronic files in shared folders. There is limited control over e.g. excel & word documents. This scenario poses a big threat to compliance and a higher risk for data integrity

SDMS Software
SDMS Software

How does Logilab SDMS Solve this problem?

Logilab SDMS Software monitors data generated by PC based instruments via LAN and automatically uploads them to a secure central server. Moreover, instrument metadata such as who/which instrument, time of data generation etc is also captured. Data from standalone instruments can also be captured via RS232 and TCP/IP. Agaram’s Logilab SDMS also provides a unique tool called “CFR Gateway” for making noncompliant instruments compliant.

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SDMS Software

Quality control

SDMS Software

Research & Development

SDMS Software


SDMS Software

In-Process QC & Production

Logilab SDMS Ebook

Choosing the Right Solutions for Regulatory Compliance & Data Integrity – A Comprehensive Guide

Build ALCOA Single Source of Truth

Automated capture of Instrument & Human-generated data, metadata, Tag, Index, Catalog and Archive in a central repository.

data integrity in pharmaceutical industry
data integrity in pharma

GxP regulated laboratories can face audits at the ‘click’ of a button

100% confidence & compliance for human generated data

data integrity pharmaceutical industry
data integrity in pharma guidelines

Research data management made easy & simple

Secure File and Database Storage

Storage of Files in a secured FTP server and meta data in the Database.

SDMS Software
SDMS Software

Data is not in an island anymore, make it available

Storage of Files in a secured FTP server and meta data in the Database

CFR Gateway

CFR Gateway has been designed to provide 100% data integrity and compliance for instrument software applications and standard desktop applications like Microsoft office.

Upon Operating System boot, CRF gateway will be loaded at the startup, for the users to login into the gateway first to access applications that are authorized to the users.

Any data created or modified by the user is full tracked and sent to server repository automatically. Even popular applications like Excel can be used with high level of data integrity and version-controlled.

ELN, LIMS software

How does the CFR Gateway work?

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Logilab SDMS Product Brochure

Logilab SDMS Features Brochure

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