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Oil & Gas Industry

Qualis® LIMS helps to manage the whole process from extraction to final product  as a single solution for Oil and Gas Industry.


Remote sample
registration into LIMS

Extracted material samples can be registered on-site before being sent to the lab for analysis.


Manage in-process Testing

Track the processes in the refinery and manage the in-process samples ensuring product quality is maintained.


Sample Point Management

Sampling points at production sites can be managed to ensure that the correct tests are applied to samples.


Keep Track of Instrument Maintenance and Calibration

Ensure that only correctly maintained and calibrated instruments are used for the analysis and that the work is carried out by qualified staff.


Instrument Interfacing

Lab instruments such as gas chromatographs can be interfaced to the LIMS for direct transfer of results, saving time and reducing errors.


Flexible Reporting

This allows you to produce reports in suitable formats for both internal and external customers. Result information can also be transferred to other systems such as Process Information Management Systems (PIMS) or ERP systems.

Qualis® Oil & Gas Highlights

  • Sample registration from remote plant locations
  • Barcode labelling of samples
  • Sampling point’s management
  • Automated scheduler for sampling point sample creation
  • Interfacing of instruments
  • Integration with PIMS (Process Information Management System) & MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
  • Proven integration with ERP (SAP/Oracle/other)