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Choosing Right Implementation Option for LIMS

Choose the Best Implementation Option for Your LIMS Project To Maximize ROI without Compromising on Functionality


This article compares the different options that can be used to implement a LIMS solution. It is not intended to be a guide to your requirements or the methodology of requirements gathering. Nor is it intended to act as a project template or planning aid, it simply compares and contrasts the benefits and downsides of the different implementation options available. No assumptions have been made about operating systems, server software or the type of database required for the solution. No conclusions are made about which is the best or worst solution as that depends on many factors. The object of this article does is present the positives and possible negatives of each option.


LIMS projects are normally both high profile and of relatively high cost to an organization. This means that Project Managers want to get the best solution at a price within their budget but at the same time making the minimal amount of compromises to the original solution envisaged at the outset of the project. If this balancing act is carried out efficiently then the company will have achieved the best Return on Investment (ROI) possible. Achieving a maximized ROI does not always mean that the system will have 100% of the originally envisaged functionality. There are situations where such a solution could only be obtained by spending beyond the budget or simply has a large cost implication for a relatively small gain in functionality. The LIMS marketspace has a high number of commercial vendors. There are over 100 companies who claim to have a “LIMS product” and that does not include software companies that will develop a bespoke solution for you, or the option of developing an in-house solution. Within the vendor community there are a few large companies that cover many different market sectors but there are also, mainly, smaller companies that have developed a niche product to serve a particular market sector. For example there are companies that only provide LIMS solutions for the water and waste water markets, there are also companies that only provide solutions to specific regional or national markets such as the German speaking markets.

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