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Contract Research Organization (CRO)

With the need for processes to provide quick and compliant data to its customers, CROs face constant issues like cost vs. compliance vs. customer satisfaction. High degree of customer centric system with easy configurability is needed.

Qualis LIMS can be configured to meet your specific requirements to help you offer excellent service to your customers.


Quotations and invoices generated directly from LIMS

Quotations and invoices are easily created using the quoting and invoicing module. It provides customer: quotations for work, apply discounts for regular customers or volume based pricing.


Improve customer confidence with audit trailing

Qualis LIMS is a fully auditable solution that can be audited by your customers or the regulatory authorities. Qualis is already used in 21 CFR Part 11 and other similarly regulated labs.


Instant access to customer results

Finished results can be posted to a secure customer portal where they can be read by the customer using their login credentials. It can send an automated email to inform the customer that the results are available for viewing.


Keep track of instrument maintenance & calibration

It ensures that only correctly maintained and calibrated instruments are used for the analysis and that the work is carried out by qualified staff.


Save time with remote sample pre-registration by the submitter

It allows regular customers to pre-register samples into the system and then check them in when they arrive at the lab. It automatically notify the customer by email that the samples have arrived.


Format results to meet customer requirements

A flexible report package means that the results can be presented in the correct format for the customers. Result sheets can even be printed with the customer’s own logo and details.

Qualis® CRO Highlights

  • Sample pre-registration from a remote location
  • Sample registration and reception at the lab
  • Sample handling with minimal master data
  • Routing of samples to multiple sections
  • Scheduling of samples
  • Work scheduling for personnel and instruments
  • Publishing of results to customers through the web portal
  • Built-in-CRM for customer database
  • Quotation and invoicing module
  • Highly flexible COA report generation
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