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Interfacer middleware for Invitro diagnostic device interfacing

Interfacer is a configurable middleware for interfacing clinical diagnostic instruments
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Wide range of laboratories

Interfacer can be the solution for interfacing requirements in many health care and research settings

Configurable IVD
device middleware

Interfacer has configuration tools for communication with IVD devices and parsing tools

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Laboratory Software Service

Open for connectivity to any new instruments

Interfacer middleware driverless approach makes is open for connectivity for any new and old devices which do not have readymade drivers

User-friendly test mapping tool

Interfacer is provided with a very much simplified easy-to-use test mapping tool to enable the user to map the test details 

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Excellent Parsing features

Easy to use and reliable parsing engine to extract meaning information from IVD device output.

Integration with LIS, LIMS, MES

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To know more about Interfacer middleware

Interfacer Product Brochure

Interfacer Features Brochure

Interfacer Product Notes

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