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Global Value Web (GVW) is a Life-Sciences Value Chain Enabling company connecting data from Research, through Development, and Operations to (and from) the patient. GVW supports Research labs, Analytical Labs and Quality labs with their respective contribution to End-to-End Quality. Parallelly, GVW provides analytical services towards Value Chain Excellence and Global Planning to leading Life-Science companies, thus enabling End-to-End Global Planning.

Clients leveraging GVW services increase their global value chain efficiency, effectiveness and reliability; In the process, they prepare their organization to become a data centric, patient outcome focused organization. Any laboratory technology investment results in better ROI with GVW’s value chain enabling services.

GVW ensures laboratory analysts focus on their core lab tasks, while GVW manages all contextual working responsibilities. It shares its experiences and insights with clients to better lab data (and processes) such as; Laboratory Master Data, Material Specifications, Sample Plans, Methods Specifications, Lab Worksheets and everything else that is needed in the lab, to make it right-on-time and right-first-time through its Global Collaborative Operating Model.

GVW, as a data centric value chain service provider, works with promising technology value companies, such as Agaram Technologies. Together, GVW and Agaram bring robust lab enabling solutions to the market – People, Data, Process & Technology at the best Price/Performance ratio possible.

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