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Qualis LIMS fits laboratories across industry verticals with specialised focus for quality control and research centres with particular features for regulated industries.

About Qualis LIMS

Qualis LIMS is a state-of-the-art Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) from Agaram Technologies, suitable for laboratories across any industry verticals. Qualis LIMS software application has been designed to transform Quality and Research labs to perform the tasks digitally in an automated, paper-less manner and more importantly enable them to fulfil regulatory compliance requirements and adhere to industry standards.

Qualis LIMS software is an easy-to-use but very versatile and advanced Lab Management System that can be used both by medical and non-medical labs. It outperforms a traditional Lab Information Systems (LIS) which have a limited usage as it is used in handling clinical/patients’ test samples and records management activities.

Configurable Dashboards

Live dashboards are the way to keep track of key performance indicators

What makes Qualis LIMS one of the best LIMS Softwares in the market?

  • Wide range of out-of-box lab information system functionalities including Multi-Site capability, Sample Management, Sample aliquoting, Sample storage, barcode labelling, Project Management, Tests, Results & Specification Management, Work Scheduling, Instrument Management, Training and Certification, Competency and Training Management, Inventory Management & Audit Trail.
  • Easy but powerful and effective global search engine with wide range of search criteria
  • Easy-to-use ad hoc query and saved search functionalities
  • Workflow configuration combined with Electronic signature for Results review and approval
  • Import and Export from/to spreadsheet for easy configuration and reports generation purpose
  • Qualis LIMS integration is implemented to seamlessly integrate with external systems like ERP, ELN and legacy Laboratory Management System for ensuring reduced complexity, single-source of truth, error-free operations, uniformity and consistency

  • Active Directory Services (ADS) integration to ensure easy administration and better policy compliance
  • Seamless integration with Logilab SDMS for instrument data integration combined with Parsing to ensure productivity, accuracy and flexibility
  • Audit Trail to ensure data integrity, transparency, traceability, accountability and easy problem identification
  • Secured user access to ensure data protection from unauthorised use and better control
  • Statutory and Regulatory standards compliance and GxP Practices like ISO 17025, GLP, cGMP, 21 CFR Part 11, Eudralex Annex 11 (including Instrument’s calibration/validation, Training and competency validation, Inventory material validation) for improved reliability
  • Browser-based Technology architecture to ensure easy installation, access and use
  • Multi-site architecture to provide low cost of ownership
  • High availability can be achieved using for on-premise implementations and Cloud-based deployments. Qualis LIMS is also available as cloud-based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) subscription with Disaster Recovery (DR) and auto scalability options.
  • Easy scalability can be achieved by clustered webservers so as to manage thousands of users

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Keep track of live status of key parameters

Uses of Qualis LIMS in different labs.

Qualis LIMS fits laboratories across multiple industries namely Pharmaceuticals, Life-sciences, Cell and Gene Therapy, Biopharmaceutical, Healthcare, Cannabis, Diagnostics, Molecular, Life-sciences, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Agricultural, Veterinary Science, Clinical Research, Contract Research Organisation, Biobank, Dairy, Food & Beverages, Drug Discovery, etc.

Few of its applications in various labs are as follows:

  • It enables labs in the pharmaceutical industry to achieve complete digitization and fully automated processes in data capture, review, approval and reporting combined with regulatory standards and practice compliance
  • It has the enhanced features with advanced process workflow (Sample Processing/Assay/Test) capabilities to suit biopharma and clinical research labs.
  • It helps to manage the whole process from extraction to final product as a single solution for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry by providing functionalities, namely sample management, Barcode, Job Scheduling, Instrument Integration with PIMS, SDMS, MES and ERP systems

  • It covers complete sampling and workflow processes (which run round the clock) in chemical manufacturing process labs in a fully automated mode to help achieve huge time savings and accurate results
  • It helps clinical diagnostic and hospital/healthcare labs by testing patients’ samples to ensure high-quality results within a limited duration with the help of in-built features as well as integration using Interfacer Middleware with clinical instruments.
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Adhere to ALCOA & excel in Data Integrity

Built from ground up to meet data integrity, GxP, ISO17025, 21 CFR Part 11 & EudraLex Annex 11 compliance with electronic records protection and electronic signature support.

ISO 17025 Full Traceability

Qualis LIMS Deployment Options

 On-premiseCustomer-owned cloudAgaram-Hosted and Managed Cloud-based Saas*
Perpetual Licence✔️✔️✔️
Saas Subscription----✔️
  • Qualis LIMS will be implemented with SaaS model on Agaram-hosted-managed cloud environment soon. It can be accessed from any web browser using thin clients such as laptops, tablets and smart phones.
  • This facilitates real-time collaboration amongst laboratories located across many places internationally.
  • Cloud-based LIMS eliminates the need of huge investment in constructing IT infrastructure and hiring of trained personnel.
  • Cloud-hosting of LIMS enables quick, easy and cost-effective deployment in a secure, reliable and highly available environment.

Benefits of Qualis LIMS

  • Easy to install, use and maintain due to its technology design/architecture
  • Cost-effective ownership and maintenance
  • Huge time-saving and improved productivity in terms of operations due to paperless, automated processes
  • Better user experience and increased user confidence due to easy-to-use but versatile system
  • Better control, transparency, traceability and security of data with better accountability
  • High reliability and low compliance Cost due to adherence to regulations and standards
  • Uniformity, consistency and accuracy of results due to Error-free operations with minimum manual intervention
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