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Steps involved in finding the perfect SDMS

Before getting into the steps involved in finding the perfect SDMS, it is essential to understand the meaning of SDMS. A scientific data management system (SDMS) acts as a centralized document management system, collecting, cataloguing, and storing data generated by and in a scientific lab.

An SDMS is designed to handle unstructured data from data systems like a LIMS or a ELN. With an SDMS, lab researchers, scientists, analysts, and other lab personnel can better store and search for lab data and knowledge, speed up workflows and approval processes, and optimize collaboration between staff.

SDMS can be deployed by any type of laboratory—clinical, research, contract, or pharmaceutical—to achieve and ensure data integrity and regulatory compliance, as well as maintain a single source of truth.

The selection of a perfect Scientific Data Management System includes the consideration of few factors-

  • The Scientific Data Management System needs to capture, store, and manage a variety of unstructured data formats.
  • It should be capable enough to analyze stored data and generate reports on lab activities that are generally conducted during a period.
  • It should Support data import and export, which is an essential and pivotal factor involved in finding the perfect Scientific Data Management Software.
  • It must support interoperability by interacting with lab instruments, systems, and databases.
  • It must possess the essential skill of integration with laboratory information management systems and electronic lab notebooks.
  • It should stay efficient enough to continue these operations for a longer time, which is preferred by most professionals.

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