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How Logilab ELN can help you Improve the Accuracy & Traceability of your Research Data

The importance of data traceability and accuracy couldn’t be underscored more as far as any kind of research is concerned. It serves as the primary way for studies to be verified not only by the researchers who conducted them but by other third-party investigators, too.

In a perfect world, maintaining data traceability and accuracy should not be that much of a struggle. But as most researchers can attest, the opposite often rings true. This fact warrants the need to look for solutions that will heighten these two fundamental factors.

It just so happens that Logilab ELN is built exactly for that purpose. The strategies you can do with its help, which we outlined here should give you a good idea about maintaining the accuracy and traceability of data.

1. Create a record of and monitor every research activity you conduct.

Since  Logilab ELN software essentially serves as a digital, paperless computerized system for your lab, we have designed it in such a way that you’ll be able to keep track of all the research activities you conduct within it. This encompasses the usual procedures like sampling, formulation, and reach conditions, to cite a few.

  • In short, everything, up to the minutest details will be accounted for and made available for uncomplicated monitoring.
  • To know the level of specificity of  Logilab ELN, you do not need to look further than its inventory management system. Everything can be categorized based on samples, reagents, and chemicals used, as well as the standards adopted in each one.
  • The dashboards that we have developed in Logilab ELN  allow users to gain a great overview of relevant data without having to plow through numerous Excel sheets just to find the most pertinent ones.
  • Transparency is enhanced thanks to the wealth of data that can be recorded in every test.

This makes data management highly convenient for everyone, and if there is one factor that almost always goes along with data accuracy and traceability, it is organization. If we are to consider the challenges that are prevalent in other standard research settings, we can safely say that Logilab ELN software can address these issues directly.

2. Make good use of our software’s advanced search functionalities.

Another convenient way that allows our users to boost data traceability is being able to search based on a number of parameters like test name, genome, sample ID, project name, etc. This allows seamless accessibility with the help of using only the most relevant keywords pertaining to the intent of the searcher.

  • The advanced search functionality allows users to easily find every study and access all the needed data that will aid to its validity and scientific merit (assuming that is the intent of the searcher).
3. Stay on top of everything by using the software’s dynamic reports creation feature.

Logilab ELN Software makes it possible for authorized users to create reports pertaining to the study. This is made easier by the integration of a browser-based document editor that can be conveniently accessed by anyone in the research team.

  • These reports can, one way or another, lend to the veracity of the data gathered in every study as they can be readily used as a cross-reference for every research or study that has been done with the help of the software.
  • They also serve as comprehensive overviews that can be easily shared with individuals and parties meaning to verify the findings of the research or confirm the accuracy of the data presented in it.
  • These reports themselves undergo careful review and approval of authorized personnel.
  • To ensure that data loss will be prevented and, in turn, easy traceability, all the created reports will be stored in the software’s own, secured environment.

Genuine data traceability can be hard to maintain because of the possibility of data loss at any point in time, even well after the research has been completed. We believe that any reputed Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) Software should be able to address these issues.  Hence we have anticipated well in advance and incorporated those features which can guarantee nothing less.

4. Capitalize on the protection perks of cloud technology to further prevent the risk of data loss.

This is probably the icing on the cake on our software. What is equally better is that almost all our users can be benefitted by the advantages provided by cloud technology. . You just have to make sure that you make the most out of the data backup benefits that are naturally tied to cloud-based software. It does not stop there, though.

  • To combat the possible security concerns during data transit, the data itself can be fully encrypted.

Since  Logilab ELN  tackles the problems involved in assuring data traceability and accuracy head-on, we can safely say that scientists and researchers will no longer be at grips with this dilemma once they learn how to utilize it to the fullest. This is still in accordance with Agaram Technologies’ primary objective of providing unprecedented convenience and efficiency to laboratory researchers and scientists worldwide.

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