Logilab ELN is a generic electronic lab notebook for regulated environment

Logilab ELN is designed for highly regulated laboratories in the cGMP and non-GMP areas.
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Sample, Test & Task Management

Manage samples, tests and tasks that are carried out by your laboratory and researcher’s activities. Register tasks that are local to ELN, Pull tasks from LIMS, Researchers can have their own tasks, manage excel documents in a controlled environment and Evaluate and Validated templates.

Test, Task Template Management

Design templates for various activities like test or tasks. Drag-n-drop spreadsheet-based design makes it all the easier to create templates for various activities.

  • Character, drop-down list, number, formula, date, time, signature etc
  • Record inventory usage • Create newly prepared inventory from preparation templates
  • Drag-drop instrument data fields (needs SDMS) within templates
  • Add multi-fields from same instrument for repeated data capture 
  • Add fields from different instruments
  • Evaluate and validate templates
  • Setup workflow for review and approval of templates
  • Manage versions of templates
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Template Features

Templates can have advanced features for integration, visualisation and reporting etc.

Tests, Sheets, Instruments Mapping

Templates can be mapped to tests, projects, teams & instruments etc.

  •  Character, drop-down list, number, formula, date, time, signature etc
  •  Provide access to projects tasks related to specific project team
  • Makes it easy to capture data from any similar instrument (e.g. balance)
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Summarisation & Reporting

Logilab ELN has powerful tools to summarize data captured for projects, samples etc. Also summaries are a better way to look at the overall outcome of projects.

  •  Use Logilab ELN OnlyOffice® document editor to create study reports
  • Browser based report and document editor.
  • Create reports on the fly

Logilab® ELN – Functional Highlights & Modules

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Sample Management

Samples within Logilab ELN can be managed as a master list of types of samples. Additionally, ELN inventory management can be used to receive and store the samples in inventory. Samples or any material inventory item in ELN

21 cfr part 11 regulations

Labsheet Templates

Logilab Labsheet templates are used for data capture. Templates can be evaluated with test data and also validated before usage. This is a good practise and also helps regulated labs to use validated templates.

21 cfr part 11 compliance

Template Evaluation & Validation

Samples within Logilab ELN can be managed as a master list of types of samples. Additionally, ELN inventory management can be used to receive and store the samples in inventory. Samples or any material inventory item in ELN

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Excel Management

Logilab ELN is a good solution to take care of excel sheets that are used by laboratories. Normally excel files can be edited at the operating system level and can be an uncontrolled document.

Logilab ELN Excel orders can be used to achieve a controlled editing with version and release controls of GxP excel documents

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Project & Workflow

Logilab ELN has a project masters for creating and running projects. ELN task orders can be placed for specific projects and samples. ELN users can be made members of projects. ELN project data is available and visible

21 cfr part 11 regulations

Document editor based reporting

Logilab ELN has a browser-based word type of document editor. Users can create dynamic reports based on ELN template tags which are auto filled via a document template.

This gives the power of creating any kind of complex reports in the hands of scientists.

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Task Management

Logilab ELN tasks are orders for specific type of tasks. The orders can be synched with LIMS and also the task orders can be placed within the ELN. Tasks are activities that needs some kind of recording of data either manually .


Data Identifiers for integration & reporting

Logilab ELN template fields can be marked as identifiers for different purposes

  • Exporting of specific fields as results to LIMS
  • Taking input data for a specific field from an other template.
  • Marking a field as tag for reporting purpose

21 cfr part 11 compliance

Labsheet Data Capture

Logilab Labsheets enables users to enter data manually and also performs formula calculations automatically. Labsheets can be designed with instrument parsed data fields, which are transferred seamlessly by Logilab SDMS.

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LIMS Integration

Logilab ELN is available out of the box integrated with Qualis LIMS. LIMS samples, tests and orders can flow to Logilab ELN seamlessly. After data capture, specific data or results can be seamlessly transferred to the LIMS from the ELN.

fda 21 cfr part 11 compliance

Instrument Integration

Logilab ELN is ready to be plugged with instruments integrated using Logilab SDMS. Data extracted from PC software based, standalone RS232, TCP/IP, Analog and clinical instruments can be easily recorded within Logilab ELN templates.

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Metalink® Android App

Logilab SDMS Metalink® Android app a practical tool for locking instruments for specific ELN tasks and capturing data on the move with perfect view of instrument data while scientists have to work with different instruments.

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