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Logilab ELN is now available as a SaaS-Based Subscription. Early birds will get special pricing and better plans

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Logilab ELN Software is an Electronic Lab Notebook designed for test and research environments

Record your experimental data in a streamlined & error-free environment

One place for all your research
& quality testing !

Truly paperless environment for laboratory tasks

Any laboratory activity ranging from simple tasks like monitoring laboratory conditions to complex tasks like executing test procedures, recording research activities for a project etc can be done in a paperless digital environment.

Simple, yet powerful
Spreadsheet UI called Labsheets

Logilab ELN Sofware has an easy to use excel like drag-and-drop user interface to design laboratory tasks or activity templates called Labsheets.

Optimised for different
laboratory tasks !

Logilab ELN Software has a task ordering system to order new tasks that need to be executed by lab personnel. There is no limit to the number or type of tasks that can be executed.

This includes:

Dynamic Inventory Management

Logilab ELN inventory management system enables management of various categories of inventory including but not limited to samples, chemicals, reagents, standards, working standards, volumetric solution, column, petri dishes etc.

Inventory management handles:

User designed dynamic reports & document creation.

Logilab ELN Software has a built-in browser-based document editor. Create document template based reports that makes more business sense for your organisation

Benefits of our cloud hosted solution

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