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8 Go-to resources about Logilab SDMS

A Scientific Data Management System ( Logilab SDMS ) is used for collecting, cataloguing and storing data generated by and in a scientific lab in electronic format. It is designed to handle unstructured and heterogeneous electronic data from systems like LIMS  and ELN.  Logilab SDMS can be used by any type of laboratory- clinical, pharmaceutical, research etc- to achieve and ensure data integrity and regulatory compliance.

The 8 Go-to resources in this respect are-

What can an Logilab SDMS explorer do?

  • Restore data with original instrument software structure
  • View files based on data source
  • View metafiles, version files, download files and manually upload files.
  1. It helps in building a single source of truth by capturing and securely storing instrument generated files, both raw and meta.
  2. It provides 100% accuracy while interfacing instruments as they have analytical and clinical instruments that gives data integrity confidence level let alone the automation benefits.
  3. The benefit of tagging, viewing, capturing templates, setting up hierarchy templates and data helps in viewing data in a more informative manner.
  4. The function of extracting valuable data using parsing and recognition technology is an important aspect of the Scientific Data Management System.
  5. It reduces cycle times and automates the approval process, test methods and product specifications by creating custom workflows to ensure the security of document viewership.
  6. It is a browser-based, service-oriented architecture that is a central data repository for start-up enterprises and is highly scalable to meet data volume challenges.
  7. It aids in conducting an audit by making sure that data is credible, usable, secure and matches the data provided beforehand.
  8. Some other aspects are- it provides seamless instrument connectivity, ensures robust data capture and end to end encryption and integrity.

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