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How Logilab SDMS Can Be An Effective Instrument Data Management Solution For Your Research Laboratory

If you’re on the fence about what exactly the Logilab Scientific Data Management system can do for your research laboratory, stick around as we deep dive into its powerful instrument data management features and what good they bring to the table. These capabilities are sure to help your lab achieve compliance with various regulations, but more importantly, Logilab SDMS is the key to speeding up your workflow and ensuring efficiency. Say goodbye to your instrument data management woes and roll out the welcome mat to a new age of convenience and data integrity. Here’s how Logilab SDMS streamlines research labs as a state-of-the-art data management solution.  

  • Logilab SDMS can help you achieve 21 CFR part 11 even with non-compliant instruments

In a nutshell, the FDA’s21 CFR part 11 regulation requires that labs under its jurisdiction should be able to:

  • track setting initializations & changes for their instruments
  • trace operation performances
  • guarantee data integrity
  • ensure controlled authorization/access to data
  • track electronic signature & digital records

Now because of the diminutive size of the regulated industry, the drive to create instruments and software solutions that have the requisite features to attain compliance is low. As a result, the lion’s share of instruments today remains non-compliant.

With Logilab SDMS at your service, you can still run non-compliant software and instruments without worrying about the 21 CFR part 11 regulation. That’s because Logilab SDMS  offers an extension, namely CFR gateway, through which you can track data generated by non-compliant laboratory software systems and control access to these systems. 

  • Research labs can shatter data silos generated by free-standing instruments with Logilab SDMS 

Instruments in your lab can sometimes be standalone sources of data, creating data silos that can have dire consequences, especially in a large collaborative scenario with remote teams spread out across the globe.  Data across your various departments be isolated from the rest leading to the following challenges:

  • Wrong  decision-making as research labs don’t get the full picture of their data
  • Silos can also hinder a laboratory’s efforts to build data lakes or warehouses to act as a central source of truth
  • Duplicate data become a huge thorn in the foot as well, inflating storage costs & processing efforts
  • Data silos can cause data security and privacy risks that may lead to non-compliance

Logilab SDMS helps research labs to overcome all the above disadvantages, as far as instrument data management is concerned, by enabling the tracking of instrument metadata such as time of data generation, the exact instrument generating the data, and the user performing the actions. The software enables TCP/IP and RS232 data capture in a huge variety of formats, therefore paving the way for the merger of data generated by standalone instruments into a single repository accessible even to remote teams.

  • Automated data capture to ensure convenience & searchability for instrument data

In a conventional research laboratory setting, workflows are mostly paper-based hence labs have to heavily rely on manual data remediation solutions. However, this comes with its fair share of hardships, the height of which is human error which can compromise the integrity as well as the security of data generated by instruments. Additionally, it becomes difficult to locate data as and when you need it, while a lot of resources go into acquiring paper and other accompanying resources.

Logilab SDMS’s automated data capture of human and instrument-generated data, in addition to its slew of other vital features, sets it in a league of its own as the best laboratory information system software research labs can have. It allows you to automate and digitize data capture from a huge variety of instruments, enabling laboratories to go completely paperless if they wish. Furthermore, Logilab SDMS facilitates integration, archiving, and cataloging of instrument data, with the additional options for PDF and print functionalities. This ensures excellent searchability.  

  • Version control to make troubleshooting as simple as taking a walk in the park 

In a larger collaborative team where multiple individuals have access to various instrument-generated data and files, the need to ensure concise audit trails and a fallback plan is ever greater. Otherwise, anyone could change the data, and we’d lose track of the originals, which may come in handy in case the new version does pan out. What’s more, labs wouldn’t know who made the changes, presenting major accountability issues.

Thanks to its encyclopedic tracking abilities, Logilab SDMS makes troubleshooting a breeze with its comprehensive version control features. Labs can roll back to previous versions of instrument-generated documents or data, track the changes that occurred, and achieve better peace of mind knowing audit trails are clear for compliance checks.

  • Logilab avails on-the-go instrument data recording for fieldwork 

Are your lab and its present instrument data management methodologies currently limited to a singular location? This can greatly inhibit the flexibility of your workflow, as a lot of your processes become tethered to one physical location, which may also stand in the way of collaboration in a vast team setup. But there’s a better way to break free of these limitations.

When research ventures onto the field, and you need to take your SDMS with you, Logilab SDMS keeps you sorted with its SDMS mobile application that you can take with you wherever you go. This affords excellent mobile usability to contemporaneously record data, in addition to enabling research teams to remotely access and manage their repository regardless of their location around the world.

Catalyze your workflow with Logilab SDMS 

As you can see, Logilab SDMS is a versatile instrument data management solution that can help research labs everywhere kick into high gear. Its version control, automated data capture, and ability to run non-compliant laboratory software systems, among other vital features, open up a whole world of possibilities. Turbocharge your research workflow today with Logilab SDMS and ensure data integrity. Schedule a demo right away.

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