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How Qualis LIMS Software Can Fit Into Laboratory Data Management Across Various Industry Verticals

In a typical laboratory, the amount of data generated grows over time, increasing storage and processing constraints exponentially. Once the complexity gets to a certain threshold, it becomes a nearly impossible task to manage samples and track data solely through manual efforts.

It is at this point that mere spreadsheets fall short, and that’s where you need a good LIMS solution like state-of-the-art Qualis LIMS to overcome this disadvantage. It uses a  versatile yet simple-to-use technology that perfectly fits laboratory data management across a multitude of environments. Consequently, we’ll be taking a look at just how Qualis LIMS can fit into various industry verticals.

  • GLP laboratories everywhere achieve better quality data and certification

For laboratories with a stringent focus on Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), there’s the need to observe certain procedures to toe the line in terms of various standards and regulations. Qualis LIMS software is an excellent tool to help labs regardless of industry to observe the highest commitment to quality data in terms of how data and samples are managed.

In case, you’re hoping to achieve the fulfillment of GLP principles, perhaps to enhance efficiency while bolstering brand reputation, among other benefits that come with it, then Qualis LIMS can streamline your data management process and make it a breeze to achieve compliance.  It holds the key to managing your GLP procedures including but not limited to:

  • Validating inventory
  • Certification and training
  • Instrument & equipment (validation, maintenance and calibration)


  • Agriculture labs stay on the FDA’s good side with Qualis LIMS

A tried-and-tested laboratory management software such as Qualis LIMS can help to overcome some of the limitations plaguing the agricultural industry regarding laboratory data management. Many players in this space are burdened with record-keeping and testing, with these tasks piling on as companies run a huge variety of tests and processes.

With Qualis LIMS, agricultural laboratories can keep tabs on tests, submissions, and their sources. What’s more, they can ensure sample quality and safety as far as products such as sour cream, cheese, and milk are concerned, for example, considering the case of a dairy company. In turn, Qualis LIMS  enables laboratories to observe critical FDA regulations that would otherwise run them out of business.

  • Qualis LIMS can also double up as an environment LIMS 

As far as the environmental industry is concerned, it’s not selling it short to say that there’s absolutely no margin for error, and we’ll put that into context with an example. Consider the case of a nuclear power plant that has to routinely test various environmental elements in its radius. Workflow and data inaccuracies in such a scenario, assuming different laboratories share the same project or responsibilities, would have devastating effects on the air, water, and world we live in.

Nuclear plants certainly require a reliable lab management solution such as  Qualis LIMS to ensure that data is recorded, managed, and tracked according to the most consistent and highest metric of quality, even as several environmental labs take turns in the testing. Moreover, Qualis LIMS’ features namely  work scheduling & audit trail make it easy to:

  • Delegate responsibilities across large project teams
  • Tracepoints of violation and who’s responsible
  • Track before and after states of data when changes are made


  • Qualis LIMS is also paramount for the oil and gas industry 

The bio-fuels processing sector is another crucial industry where data testing and control hold the utmost priority. That’s because there’s a multitude of highly strict and detailed policies and regulations tethering companies, both at national and international levels. Thanks to Qualis LIMS, laboratories in this space can store and manage samples according to customer specifications, or data objectives while spotting any samples that raise red flags.

Overall, our lab management software is key to achieving compliance with regard to the following standards:

  • EPA
  • ASTM
  • OSHA

Beyond that, Qualis LIMS can help unearth the data needed to spot hazardous materials that may be a risk to employees, consumers, or the environment at large.

  • Clinical labs rely on Qualis LIMS to simplify collaborations

For clinical labs, paper-based data management techniques are a recipe for disaster, given the blistering rate of sample throughput in a busy environment. Additionally, there’s the need to share important data with partners across the world, while still tip-toeing around compliance regulations and the typical vulnerabilities that befall such an arrangement.

The need for LIMS in laboratory data management is ever so greater in such a scenario, and Qualis LIMS solves these headaches and enables:

  • A central data repository that unifies remote collaborators
  • Comprehensive audit trails to satisfy transparency and accountability needs
  • Excellent configuration flexibility which allows labs to meet shifting project requirements

The best part about Qualis LIMS is that it evolves with your challenges, meeting increasing demands if your lab’s rate of discovery goes up a notch.

  • Qualis LIMS is indispensable in the manufacturing industry 

Research is the cornerstone of quality products in the manufacturing industry.  The quality control process starts right from this phase, and below-par research and control processes result in similarly sub-par products which can taint brand reputation while adversely impacting your bottom line.

With Qualis LIMS, labs can manage quality testing with ease. Our lab management software offers:

  • support for barcode labeling
  • aliquoting capabilities
  • storage features

All in all, it makes sample management quick and simple, allowing manufacturers to experiment with a broad range of ideas until they find the perfect fit. Qualis LIMS software meets various manufacturing needs due to its ease of use, versatility, and flexibility in terms of configuration.


Qualis LIMS works like a charm no matter your industry vertical

Do you need trusted LIMS software to improve your laboratory data management? Qualis LIMS has an excellent track record, helping countless labs meet several industry-specific standards while improving workflow efficiency, accountability, and effectiveness. Moreover, Qualis LIMS offers seamless integration with legacy lab management systems, ensuring labs everywhere can hit the ground running. Schedule yourQualis LIMS software demo now to begin.

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