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Announcement: Logilab ELN now available as a SaaS subscription through the cloud !

After years of development, we at Agaram are proud to have reached another milestone for our Logilab ELN software. Today, we unveil our ELN’s SaaS model, which will ensure agile, scalable, and secure data management and collaboration for modern researchers and testing laboratories worldwide.  The shift to a SaaS-based model for our Electronic Lab Notebook was fairly smooth because our product was designed to be highly scalable and configurable since its inception 10 years ago. Much in the same way that SaaS provides a cost-effective, modular solution based on current needs and demand, our laboratory notebook software is equally flexible and systematized in delivering its plethora of benefits. At its core, our Logilab ELN emulates paper-based laboratory notebooks into their digital form. This not only allows convenient and time-saving research data organization but collaboration with other researchers and organizations as well. The following provides a general outline of the advantages of our move to adopt a SaaS model for our Logilab ELN software:

  • Our Lab Notebook Software makes collaboration anywhere and anytime easier because it serves as a central repository for all tests and experiments conducted.
  • Laboratories no longer have to construct their infrastructure from the ground up, as is the case with most SaaS solutions. Nor do they need to conduct complex steps and spend extra resources to meet their requirements.
  • Our Logilab ELN comes ready-to-use from day one, and users only need to log in to start using all the features.
  • The data will be securely stored in Microsoft Azure cloud servers.
  • Your data will always be available in common formats such as .docx and .pdf to eliminate vendor locking.
  • Logilab ELN has been tested and certified for security and compliance against OWASP and SAN25 standards.

You can try out Logilab ELN completely free for 30 days without any payment details. To make our debut even more memorable for those who join us on this historic day, we’re also happy to announce the following ongoing promotions:

  • Three users will be offered the unique opportunity to use Logilab ELN completely free of charge.
  • You may avail of the Standard plan for as low as $29.99 per month.
  • Premium and Enterprise plan to offer multi-site logical data separation for globally distributed organizations.
  • Volume-based discounts are available for all plans and tiers.
  • Students and academic institutions can enjoy further cost-cuts.
  • If you buy an annual subscription, you can enjoy as much as a 15% discount on the yearly price.
  • You may cancel or upgrade your account at any time using our customer portal.

For more details and to register, please navigate to Logilab ELN Software. We look forward to a fruitful and long-lasting partnership with our clients!

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