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10 Advantages of Using Electronic Laboratory Notebook (Logilab ELN) for Your Lab

If you are a researcher and are not yet aware of the specific benefits of an ELN, you have come to the right place. Understandably, using the said technology to the fullest may feel like…

Infographic: Logilab SDMS Software & Its Functional Highlights

“Capture, Catalog, Retrieve, Archive & Integrate” Logilab SDMS is generic Scientific Data Management software designed to handle data from any analytical instrument and can facilitate data management with secured access control. It will perform scheduled…

Infographic : Logilab ELN & Its Features

About Logilab ELN Software Logilab ELN® is Agaram Technologies’ time-tested generic Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) application to transform laboratories to perform their tasks in digital and paperless manner. It is used by laboratories conducting tests/experiments…
Logilab ELN Software

Announcing the Launch of the SaaS Model of Logilab ELN Software

After years of development, we at Agaram are proud to have reached another milestone for our Logilab ELN software. Today, we unveil our ELN’s SaaS model, which will ensure agile, scalable, and secure data management…
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