Training Management

Training Management

Laboratory personnel undergo training on various aspects of testing, instruments, etc. Laboratories adhering to GLP/ ISO17025 keep track of training & certification of personnel. Only trained, certified and competent personnel can perform tests based on instrument technique.

Training Management

Training Scheduler

QuaLIS training management module allows labs to schedule & plan trainings in advance, keep personnel informed, etc. New-comers undergo orientation and are certified through the system.

Training Link to Test/Technique

QuaLIS Test master is linked to Technique, i.e. If a test requires that a person works on liquid chromatography, work scheduling module will cross-check the training records of personnel within the lab and display list of trained, certified and competent personnel. This is also a GLP/ ISO 17025 mandated requirement.

Competency Matrix

At the click of a button, a competency matrix report is generated for the entire laboratory along with training undertaken by the individual. Training documents can be uploaded to the training management system.

Key Benefits

  • Schedule Training (Individual, group) – Upload training records
  • Invite Participants. – Mark Competence & Certify personnel
  • Distribute Training Materials – Access to Training Material
  • Document Training details & attendance – Report Competence matrix

Deployment Option

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