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How Qualis LIMS helps in meeting the requirements of ISO 17025

ISO 17025 is the standard governing the end-to-end operations of a testing and calibration laboratory. Most laboratories go in for this certification to confirm that their processes are competent and acceptable. Agaram’s Qualis LIMS is one such solution platform that can be implemented to meet the demands of ISO 17025. 

Case Studies

Qualis LIMS solution for Compound Management

Drug discovery and contract research organizations depend on the skillful compound management team who generally armed with excel as their main tool. Agaram’s Qualis LIMS platform based compound management system with request handling was exactly built to handle compound requests for any type of screening

Qualis LIMS and Logilab ELN solultion for Dairy Industry

Traditionally dairies have been using paper, excel or simple laboratory data management systems which are mere documentation systems rather than allowing organizations to use the knowledge for important decision making which will directly correlate to the quality of products. Qualis LIMS Platform has proved the other way by helping daires to operate efficiently and process the information to the best use.

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