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Automated Data Integrity

Logilab Scientific Data Management System

Learn how Logilab SDMS helped a leading COVID vaccine manufacturer achieve Data Integrity, Compliance & Automation

About Logilab SDMS

Logilab SDMS is the most trusted instrument data management system for data integrity, compliance and automation by Pharma & Life sciences organizations around the world.

Logilab SDMS is designed to integrate with a wide range of analytical instruments irrespective of type, make or manufacturer.

Designed for Modern Laboratories

Logilab SDMS automated capabilities capture data generated by any type of instrument, with minimal intervention required by users.


  • Logilab SDMS enables 21 CFR Part 11 compliance for instruments and software systems
  • CFR Gateway a unique desktop tool ensures un-questionable level of compliance & integrity
  • GxP facilities are empowered with sophisticated data version control to reduce the risk of compliance

Data Integrity

  • Meet ALCOA principles for data integrity without any compromise.
  • Without any doubt Create a Single Source of Truth for your organization
  • Don’t miss your meta data which the basis for data integrity

FAIR Principles

  • Build the data for the future of your organization.
  • Make your data findable, available and re-usable
  • Make your data available for other systems across your organization (Interoperable)

Big Data Analytics

  • Create a central data lake for your data analytics platform
  • Create clean data with appropriate meta data
  • Highly scalable data management that can handle big data scale of data

Key Features

Automatic Sheduler

Original Folder structure

file transfer protocol

Rs232, tcp/ip instruments

user authentication

e -signature


Using Logilab SDMS you can,
  • No risk of missing or mis-matched data during preparation for audits
  • Present your raw and meta data electronically
  • Prove to your auditors that the data is indeed true copy and risk free.
  • Exchange data of interest with external systems
  • Parse and extract results from instrument data
  • Integrate with LIMS, ELN and other systems
  • Fill documents for GxP submissions
  • Manage excel, word and any other document type with version control
  • All documents are approval and release controlled

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