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Infographic : Qualis LIMS Overview

About Qualis LIMS Software 

Qualis LIMS is an easy-to-use but very versatile and advanced Laboratory Management System that can be used across all industry verticals. 

Qualis LIMS has been designed to digitally transform Laboratories to perform their tasks in an automated and paperless manner, and more importantly enable them to fulfill regulatory compliance requirements and adhere to industry standards.

Qualis LIMS Software

  • Sample Management – Template-based and Batch sample registration
  • Results & Release Management – Sample / Test wise results entry and Configurable approval workflow
  • Work Scheduling – Allocation of work for personnel and Re-scheduling of work 
  • Tests Grouping & Specification Management – Template-based hierarchy and Tests combination with specs management
  • Instrument Management – Recording of calibration test results and Instrument usage Log.
  • Inventory Management – Validation and release of inventory
  • Qualis Portal – Customer sample submission and Download of reports
  • Approval Workflows – Automated approvals and Management of workflows for various activities
  • Compliance Management – Built-in Audit Trail
  • Dashboard & Alerts – Built-in and Email alerts
  • Scheduler – Instrument calibration, validation, Sampling point-based scheduler

Benefits of Qualis LIMS Software

  • Qualis LIMS provides a better user experience and boosts user confidence due to its easy-to-use but versatile system
  • Due to paperless and automated procedures, huge time savings and increased efficiency in operations have been realized.
  • High reliability and low compliance Cost due to adherence to regulations and standards
  • Uniformity, consistency, and accuracy of results due to Error-free operations with minimum manual intervention.
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