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It is becoming more and more evident that we need to find out greener ways to do things.

Environmental labs are playing a major role in this mission.

Testing of water, air, wastewater and agricultural produce is the key need of environmental laboratories.

Qualis® LIMS platform has practical tools that are helpful for environmental labs. The key challenges are sample collection, location, sample containers, collection schedules, etc.

These key capabilities are essential in a LIMS system to manage such industrial processes. In addition, regulatory compliances vary from one country to another. Regulatory agencies advocate good practices such as better sample management, traceability, validated methods for analysis, etc.


Sample Management

  • Work scheduling
  • Personnel
  • Instrumentation



  • Location-based trend charting
  • COA based on regulation


Results Capture

  • Automated run or batch based results capture
  • Automated run or batch based results capture
  • Integration of instruments



  • Invoicing for commercial labs
  • Portal for customer service
  • Integration of instruments
  • Downloading of reports

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