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Logilab ELN is an Electronic Lab Notebook Software designed for test and research environments

Record your experimental data in a streamlined & error-free environment

About Logilab ELN

Logilab ELN is Agaram Technologies Cloud-based Electronic Lab Notebook Software (ELN) Application to transform laboratories to perform their tasks in a digital and paperless manner.

Logilab ELN can be used by both regulated and non-regulated labs that are conducting tests and experiments across various scientific disciplines and by researchers who are working on projects and product development.

Why Logilab ELN

Using Logilab ELN you can,

Improve efficiency & accuracy of your lab

Ensure Standardisation, Ease of implementation and Reduced cost

Ensure Regulatory & Data integrity Compliance

Benefits of our cloud hosted ELN

Logilab ELN is now available from the cloud as a
SaaS based subscription !

Try it completely free for 30 days , no credit card or payment required !

Trusted and partnered
with great clients around the world

Logilab ELN Ebook

Insights into Paperless Test Method Execution in a GxP Compliant Environment Using Logilab ELN

To know more about Logilab ELN

Logilab ELN Product Brochure

Logilab ELN Features Brochure

Logilab ELN Product Notes

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Frequently asked Questions

You can sign-up for Logilab ELN Cloud SaaS Standard and Premium plan by registering on the Logilab ELN Cloud SaaS page. We also offer a Free plan of Logilab ELN Cloud SaaS for up to 3 users. You can compare the Free, Standard, and Premium plans here.

You can find detailed pricing for Logilab ELN Cloud SaaS here.

Use our pricing calculator to determine your exact price. For more than 2,000 users, please contact us for our Enterprise plan.

Logilab ELN SaaS Cloud starts at 30$ per user for our Standard Tier. Please refer to this page for calculating the exact cost of your subscription. We also offer Monthly and Annual payment options and special pricing options for Academic Institutions.

An Electronic Lab Notebook Software (ELN) is a system that provides the users in a laboratory an electronic interface similar to a physical paper-based laboratory notebook. ELNs were originally designed for researchers and over a period of time 2 different types evolved one for research and another type was designed to execution of laboratory procedures (called Laboratory execution system or LES). Also, some of the ELNs were designed specifically for certain area or domain specific. 

In a highly complex laboratory working environment, a well-maintained laboratory notebook is an important tool for documenting experimental progress and keeping researchers organized. Often the lab analysts and researchers find the task of maintaining the lab notebook either on paper or spreadsheet in their local computer systems a nightmare, as it poses serious challenges and vulnerabilities in terms of data integrity, data loss, inaccuracies, inconsistencies intellectual property protection and non-compliance to statutory standards.


Maintaining a comprehensive electronic laboratory notebook (e-lab note, e lab book or e-notebook, Laboratory Execution system (LES) in short) is very much needed to overcome the challenges of maintaining paper-based records of laboratory observations and results. It can also be a valuable resource when patenting a discovery.       

Agaram Technologies’ Logilab ELN is a generic ELN intended to be used in laboratories across various scientific fields.


Logilab ELN can be used by laboratories that are conducting tests or experiments and by researchers who are working on projects and product development.


In this Electronic Notebook application, Lab Technician, Analyst, Researcher or Scientist can document protocols, procedures and enter lab results, observations, notes and other data.  Calculations similar to excel can be setup to be executed in a controlled manner. Researcher can create a notebook electronically in ELN system online and start recording the conditions of experiment, outcome of experiment, including non-structured information such as text, tables, images, attachment, chemical structure, mathematical formula, free hand text etc.

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