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Dairy, Food & Beverage

The Dairy, Food & Beverage industry is driven by quality and optimized production requirements. These industries are also regulated in the developed countries by food and drug authorities.

They follow a stringent testing regime, as it involves human and animal consumption.

These industries practice batch and discrete manufacturing processes.

Qualis® LIMS for the Dairy, F&B industry has an array of Apps that were designed with industry experts.

Qualis LIMS is a powerful enterprise-scale Laboraatory Information Management System developed using a strong framework. It is fully configurable and customizable for a regulated QA/QC environment.

Qualis LIMS covers complete workflow processes within a typical Dairy and Food processing industry. One of the critical requirements of such an industry is the sampling plan and test plan.

Due to the discrete nature of packaging from a batch process, it is required to plan when and how many samples need to be pulled for analyses.

Also, in order to understand the product produced, it is necessary to composite samples pulled at various time points, locations, and packages and then perform the analyses.

Qualis LIMS sample planning and test planning management functionality provides a strong framework for such complex business processes.

Dairy grading app

A dairy grading app was developed for grading products. Dairy grading is a very complex process which requires a view of data generated by several samples from a larger batch. The grader conducts an observation of data by using powerful colour coding of results in a cross-tab view and takes a call on the grading.

Grading is directly linked to production quantities in the shop floor. Qualis LIMS grading module can be integrated with an ERP which will provide information on graded material and their quantities such that the items can be physically stored in specific areas based on their grades.

Qualis® Dairy, F&B Highlights

  • Batch Sample planning
  • Batch Test planning
  • Automated batch samples creation
  • Interfacing of instruments
  • Automated approval of results to specific tests within limits
  • Grading module for products that need to be graded
  • Proven inte