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Qualis LIMS

How Qualis LIMS Software Can Fit Into Laboratory Data Management Across Various Industry Verticals

In a typical laboratory, the amount of data generated grows over time, increasing storage and processing constraints exponentially. Once the complexity gets to a certain threshold, it becomes a nearly impossible task to manage samples…
Demystifying Digitalization Of Laboratories

Demystifying Digitalization Of Laboratories

Manual processing in most the reputed laboratories is giving way to automated and integrated applications, paving the way towards a complete digitalization of data handling, testing and experimentation, and report generation. Agaram Technologies offers a…
The Role Of A LIMS In Modern Laboratories

The Role Of A LIMS In Modern Laboratories

What do you think is the role of a laboratory information management system (LIMS)  in a modern laboratory? Are you considering using a LIMS for your laboratory? Here is some useful information for you. A…

What Role Does a Laboratory Information Management System Play in Data Traceability?

Data traceability, it goes without saying, is one of the foundations of any study. As a scientist or researcher, without the ability to validate research and ensure that every information is accounted for, you run…
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