Infographic: ELN Software & Its Features

ELN Software & Its Features

Logilab ELN SaaS is a genuine cloud-based multi-tenant solution, It is a tried-and-true general Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) programme from Agaram Technologies that allows laboratories to conduct their activities digitally and paperlessly.

Logilab ELN facilitates group research and serves as a central archive for all of your experiments. Digitization of your laboratory observations is the way forward, allowing you to view your data from any location on the planet.

ELN is used in labs that conduct tests/experiments and research in a variety of fields such as chemistry, biotechnology, healthcare, life sciences, energy, agriculture, engineering, metallurgy, and the environment, among others.


ELN Software & Its Features

Global Electronic lab Notebook (ELN) Market 

The compound annual growth rate increased to 4.70% from 2021 – 2028

Logilab ELN Key Features:

  1. Sample Management  – To create, receive and manage samples within ELN application.
  2. Task Management  – To create and synchronise tasks and recording of data.
  3. Labsheet Templates  – To create templates which can be used to validate and capture data.
  4. Data Identifiers for integration and reporting  – To take input of data from LIMS or any other template, identify/tag with meta data and export to LIMS.
  5. Powerful Configurable Dashboards  – To alert users for timely action and effective decision making.
  6. Labsheet Data Capture  – To enter data either manually, perform calculations or automatic capture of instrument parsed data from SDMS.
  7. Excel Management – To use excel sheets by importing and exporting along with version and release control to comply with GXP standards.
  8. LIMS integration – Out-of-box integration with LIMS for the samples, tests and orders data flow.
  9. Project and Workflow  – To create and manage project-based workflow activities.
  10. Instrument Integration  – To capture data from PC-Based and non-PC-based instruments using Logilab SDMS.
  11. Document Editor-based reporting  – To create complex reports dynamically using a document editor.
  12. Metalink Android  – To lock instruments and capture data contemporaneously.


Agaram’s Logilab ELN has cloud-based SaaS application.With Logilab ELN, get more benefits from customised project management and data automation along with effective workflow configuration.To know more click here.

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