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Demystifying Digitalization Of Laboratories

Demystifying Digitalization Of Laboratories

Manual processing in most the reputed laboratories is giving way to automated and integrated applications, paving the way towards a complete digitalization of data handling, testing and experimentation, and report generation. Agaram Technologies offers a…
Electronic Lab Notebook For Regulated Industry

Electronic Lab Notebook For Regulated Industry

An Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), in its simplest definition, can be thought of as a digital version of your paper lab notebook. However, the Logilab ELN software provides far many more capabilities than this, becoming…

10 Advantages of Using Electronic Laboratory Notebook (Logilab ELN) for Your Lab

If you are a researcher and are not yet aware of the specific benefits of an ELN, you have come to the right place. Understandably, using the said technology to the fullest may feel like…
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Strategies to Improve Accuracy & Traceability of Research Data with Logilab ELN Software

The importance of data traceability and accuracy couldn’t be underscored more as far as any kind of research is concerned. It serves as the primary way for studies to be verified not only by the…
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