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Day: May 19, 2021

SDMS Software

Steps involved in finding the perfect SDMS

Before getting into the steps involved in finding the perfect SDMS, it is essential to understand the meaning of SDMS. A scientific data management system (SDMS) acts as a centralized document management system, collecting, cataloguing, and storing…

8 Go-to resources about SDMS

A Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) is used for collecting, cataloguing and storing data generated by and in a scientific lab in electronic format. It is designed to handle unstructured and heterogeneous electronic data from…

Electronic lab notebook guide 2021 – Select The Right ELN

An electronic lab notebook (ELN) is a computer system designed to replace paper laboratory notebooks. Lab notebooks are generally used by engineers, scientists and technicians to document research, experiment and procedure performed in the laboratory.…
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